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What Country

An exhibition by Idit Elia Nathan & Sarah Wood 26th–28th October 2018 What country, friends, is this?  Imagine. You’re shipwrecked in a storm. You’re washed onto the shores of an unknown country. What does the idea of a country mean to you then? Now imagine what a country means to its citizens. Is it simply the territory the citizens lay claim to? Or does a country lay claim to them? Or both? We’re living in a time when agitation about ideas of nationhood are fuelling forms of extremism. In What Country  Nathan and Wood offer renewed space for us to rethink and reimagine the structures of the world we share. ArtSpace 5 Green's Road Cambridge CB4 3EF Friday 26th, 6–9pm (preview, all welcome) Saturday 27th, 2–5pm Sunday 28th, 2–5pm For more information about the artists:

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